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M.S office word [Advanced] 20 Hours
M.S OFFICE Who should do the Course?

This course is designed for those who are familiar with the normal Microsoft Office Word. To extract more on the advanced word options to improve the productivity. The course gives a detailed and systematic way to cope with the advanced techniques in M.S Word.

  •  Introduction
    •  Getting more familiar with the interface of Microsoft word
    •  Specification and Limits
    •  Revision of Basic commands
    •  Frequently using short keys
  •  The Quick Access Toolbar
    •  Understand the quick access toolbar
    •  Customize the quick access toolbar
    •  Add and Remove command to the toolbar
  •  Default settings in Microsoft office word
    •  The Concept of Default settings
    •  Font, Font Size Default Settings
    •  Paragraph and Line Spacing Default settings
  •  Customize the Word Interface and settings for Document Preparations
    •  Documents views
    •  The Ruler settings
    •  Paper Size and Margins
    •  The Zoom settings
  •  Customize Bullets and Numbering
    •  Defining new Bullets and Numbering
    •  The use of Increase and Decrease Indents with Bullets
    •  Working with Multilevel Lists
  •  The Concept of sort in Microsoft Office Word
    •  Alphabetize the selected Text
    •  Sort the numerical Data
  •  Working with Indent
    •  Indenting Text
    •  First Line and hanging indent
    •  Left and right indent
  •  Working with columns and column breaks
    •  Creating columns in a document
    •  Moving from One Column to another
    •  Working with different columns and column breaks
  •  The Concept of Tab settings in a word document
    •  The Tab Selector
    •  Different types of Tab stops
    •  How to add and remove the tab stops 
  •  Advanced Table Options
    •  Split Cells
    •  Merge Cells
    •  Working with Table Style options
    •  The Concept of Table Styles
  •  Working with Clip Art and Pictures
    •  Inserting Clip Art
    •  Inserting picture from file
    •  Changing text wrapping settings
    •  Wrap text around an image
    •  Predefined text wrapping setting
  •  Working with Smart Art Graphics
    •  Insert a SmartArt illustration
    •  Add text to a SmartArt graphics
    •  Changing the organization of a SmartArt graphic
    •  Modifying the SmartArt graphic's appearance
  •  Working with Charts
    •  Inserting different types of charts
    •  Formatting the Charts
  •  Working with Themes and Styles
    •  Selecting and applying a style set
    •  Modifying a style and create a new style
    •  The Concept of Theme
    •  Changing the Theme
    •  Customizing the Theme
  •  Working with Symbols and special characters
    •  Inserting symbols and special characters
    •  Formatting Symbols and special characters
  •  Working with Pages
    •  Working with cover pages
    •  Working with blank pages and page breaks
  •  The Concept of Links in a Document
    •  Working with Hyperlinks
    •  How to work with the bookmarks
    •  How to Add the Cross reference 
  •  Insert object into a Word document
    •  How to Insert Excel sheet into a Word document
    •  Combining many documents into a single document 
  •  Working with More Text Options in a word Document
    •  Inserting Text Box
    •  Adding quick parts into a document
    •  Working with word art and drop caps 
  •  Table of contents
    •  Create a table of content
    •  Update a table of content 
  •  The concept of references in Microsoft office word
    •  Working with Footnotes
    •  The concept of citation and bibliography 
  •  Mail Merge
    •  Create Recipient’s list
    •  Preparing the main Documents
    •  Insert Merge filed and finishing the merge 
  •  Review The Document
    •  Working with comments
    •  Working with Track Changes
    •  Accept or Reject Track changes 
  •  Comparing and Combine the documents
    •  Compare two versions of documents
    •  Combine revisions of the Document 
  •  Protect the Word Document
    •  Formatting Restrictions
    •  Editing Restrictions

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