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Microsoft Excel - Advanced 20 Hours
M.S OFFICE Who should do the Course?

This course is designed for those who are familiar with the normal office Excel. To extract more on the advanced options in Excel to improve the productivity. The course gives a detailed and systematic way to cope with the advanced techniques in M.S Excel.

  •  Introduction
    •  The Interface and parts of Excel window
    •  Specification and Limits
    •  Revision of Basic Formulas and Functions
    •  Frequently using short keys
  •  Use if Logical IF Function
    •  Simple IF
    •  Use of IF (AND, IF( OR Functions
    •  Nested IF Functions
    •  Calculation inside IF Functions
    •  Creating an Aging Report With IF Functions
  •  Using Advanced Functions
    •  SUMIF(), SUMIFS()
    •  Practical Use of COUNTIFS() and SUMIFS() Functions on a Sample Data
  •  Conditional Formatting
    •  How to apply for single Column and Selected Ranges
    •  How To apply for whole row base on a Formula / Functions
    •  Use of Customized Formula and Functions in Conditional Formatting
  •  Data Validation
    •  Use of validation Rules with numbers, Text, Date etc.
    •  Creation of List, Dynamic List, List from Different Sheets
    •  Use of Customized formulas and functions in Data Validation
    •  Different Types of Error alerts
  •  Advanced Sorting
    •  Sorting Data by Single Column and Selected Range
    •  Sort by custom list
    •  Sort by adding Levels
    •  Sort data by frequency
  •  Advanced Filter
    •  Use of Advanced Filter Tool
    •  Use of AND, OR, BETWEEN in Advanced Filter Criteria
    •  Copying Data to Different sheets, workbook based on a criteria
    •  Creating Unique Records with Advanced Filter
  •  Working with Subtotal Reports
    •  Introduction to subtotal Reports
    •  Use of COUNT, SUM, MAX etc. in Subtotal Reports
    •  Grouping and Ungrouping Data in Subtotal Report
    •  Understanding the Basic Syntax of Lookup Functions
    •  Practical Use of LOOKUP Functions
    •  Use of IF (), ISBLANK (), IFERROR () Functions to display more useful Results
  •  Working with INDEX () and MATCH () Functions
    •  Understanding the Basic Syntax
    •  Use of Left Lookup() with Match and Index Functions
    •  Use of Two way lookup with Match and Index Functions
  •  Working with Data and Time
    •  Basic Functions
    •  DATEDIF Functions and Date Differences
    •  Time Calculations and a Sample Time sheet
  •  Protecting worksheets and workbooks
    •  Protect a workbook with password
    •  Protecting sheet with Permission to Edit a Range
    •  Use of Range passwords in Protect sheet
    •  Protecting formulas and hiding formulas
  •  Working with Charts and Graphs
    •  Different Type of Charts
    •  Formatting Charts and working with Different chart Elements
    •  Combination Charts
    •  Use of Sparklines
  •  Data Consolidation
    •  Consolidated Report from Different Sheets with Same Format
    •  Consolidated Report from Different Sheets with different Format
    •  Consolidated Report from Different workbooks with Same Format
    •  Consolidated Report from Different workbooks with Different Format
  •  Working with PIVOT Table and PIVOT Charts
    •  Creating Different types of Pivot Table reports
    •  Use of Sort and Filter in Pivot Report
    •  Grouping and Ungrouping in Pivot Report
    •  Different Calculations options in PIVOT Table
    •  Two Dimensional and Multidimensional Reports
    •  Multiple Value Filed Settings in Pivot Table
    •  Frequency distribution in Pivot Table
    •  Updating and refreshing a Source Data for a Pivot Table
    •  Use of Slicers in a Pivot Table
    •  Creating PIVOT CHART Reports
  •  Use of WHATIF Analysis
    •  Use of Goal seek Tool
    •  Use of Scenario Manager
    •  Use of Data Table
  •  Managing large worksheets and output
    •  Freeze pane and Split Panes options
    •  Working with the Format as Table options
    •  Linking sheets workbooks with 3D Formulas
    •  Use of New Window Too and the concept of workspace
    •  Header & Footer, Print Titles, Scaling of data range
  •  Formula Auditing
    •  Trace precedents
    •  Watch Window
  •  Managing workbooks
    •  Workbook sharing
    •  Track Changes
    •  Merging Workbook
  •  Introduction to Macros
    •  Introduction and the concept of Macros
    •  Creating a Macro
    •  Recording and Running a Macro

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