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Course Duration: 24 Hours

Who should do the Course

Level I [Basic]

C++ programming course is intended for those who wish to be a software programmer. This course provides an accelerated introduction to the most essential syntactical components of the Object Oriented language. It effectively designed to upgrade your programming chops into expert-level territory.

Fundamentals of object oriented programming.
Object oriented programming concepts.
Beginning with C++
Structure of C++ Program.
Simple C++ Programs.
Types and type declarations.
Conditional expressions.
Input and output statement.
Loop statements.
Switch case.
Functions in C++
Call by value and call by reference.
Default Arguments.
Function overloading.
Classes and Objects
Private Vs Public.
Accessing class members.
Member Functions.
Constructors and Destructors
Parameterized Constructors.
Constructors with Default arguments.
Managing Console I/O Operations
C++ Streams.
C++ Stream Classes.
Unformatted IO Operations.
Working with files
Classes for File Streams Operations.
Opening and Closing a File.
Detecting End of File.
File Modes.
File Pointers and their manipulators.
Sequential Input Output Operations.

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